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Showcase Guidance for Groups

All stalls to be manned continuously between 11am - 3 pm with stalls available for set up from 9am. All stalls must be cleared by 5pm. Stalls will be erected by 9am and dismantled after 5 pm.  There is no vehicle access to the stall areas between 9am to 5pm. Dimensions of the stalls are 10' by 4'  - graphic of a stall is provided below.
Litter - please keep your stall and surrounding area tidy at all times and take all litter, materials and derbris away at the end of the day.
Seating - there will be no seating provided so it might be an idea to bring some seats to allow volunteers to rest their legs as standing all day can get quite tiring.
Weather - if it is hot and sunny please make sure everyone drinks plenty of water and stays hydrated plus wear sun protection and cream.  If it is raining the stalls do have a waterproof canopy which overhangs at the back which will give some protection  but brochures and other materials will get wet in heavy prolonged downpours unless protected under plastic so please make plans for this.  Fingers crossed we will have glorious sunshine on the day.
Toilets - large public toilets are available in the main shopping areas in Slough, Windsor and provided in Kidswell park. In Windsor the nearest are in King Edward Car Park near Waitrose and also  in the covered area in the Royal Shopping Centre near the Station. In Slough toilets are availble in Queensmere Shopping Centre.
First Aid - for minor cuts and bruises the SWAMI17 stall will hold a First Aid kit.  For more serious injuries please go to a local hospital (the nearest A&E is Wexham Park Hospital in Slough) or dial 999 for emergencies.
Fire - we suggest no one smokes in and around the stalls but just in case we have a minor incident we will hold a fire extinguisher in the SWAMI17 stall.  If in doubt ring for the Fire Brigade.
Theft from Stalls - please ensure your stall is manned or watched at all times to avoid theft of materials or items.
Harassment - we expect all participants to respect the diversity and differences of other parcitiapting Groups. Should members of the public harass anybody or any Group manning a stall please inform a member of the SWAMI17 Team at the SWAMI17 Stall who will decide on the appropriate course of action. The Police will be called if there is any physical threat.
Safeguarding - we strongly recommend that all Groups with children under 18 years of age have a Safeguarding Policy in place and that the children are kept under the supervision of an adult at all times when on the stalls.
Performances  - adhoc impromptu low key performances are allowed so long as any crowd that gathers to watch is allowed to dissipate between performances.  Can different Groups co-ordinate their performances with other Groups on the day.  We do not want to over organise this aspect of the day preferring Groups to use imaginative ways to attract attention without causing undue disturbance to the general public and other stall holders.  If required please consult with the SWAMI17 team for guidance and dispute resolution!  
Please do visit other Groups Stalls and chat to your fellow group members!

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